Getting Started

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Once we were approved to work with EMM, things began to move rather quickly–at least much more quickly than I had anticipated. The same day we got our approval, we also received descriptions of three different opportunities.

1. Teaching in Cusco, Peru, a very modern city, We had this location in mind already–mostly because we knew something about it as a team from our church had gone there seven years ago to help with building the school.

2. Assisting with a chicken feed business in Central Asia — in a former Soviet republic northwest of China that is working to recover economically from years of Soviet rule. Though there is a small church there, the numbers have actually been falling because so many people are leaving the country looking for a better life elsewhere. Much of the work here would be relationship building, and learning the language is critical. We have been told this description will soon be updated to include some type of coffee shop business. We are looking forward to seeing the new description.

3. Working to support the K’ekchi’ In Guatemala as they worked to build a fair trade coffee business exporting coffee to the United States. The K’ekchi were Mayan Indians, and historically, they have not been treated well by the government. This position would involve working with the government and farmers to make the businesses successful. I imagine a very good command of the Spanish language would be necessary.

We are currently praying about all of these opportunities to see where God wants to use us. We are drawn by different aspects of all three of them.

At the same time, EMM has encouraged us to attend a month-long training event next month. This is a bit sooner and longer than I had been expecting. So we are scrambling a bit to figure a bunch of things out before then, as well as how to put our lives on hold for a month, but still come back to them, as it will likely be several months after that before we leave on our trip–we will have to raise quite a bit of money first.

Even so, we are looking forward to the training. We have already received two of the three books we are to read beforehand. They are good reading and have given us quite a bit to think and talk about.

The wonderful thing is that they also work with the children to talk about missions and things they can do. The have one person entirely devoted to helping the children. Daisy understands and is excited about the trip, albeit a little apprehensive. Cub knows we’re talking about taking a trip somewhere else, but I don’t think he really understands all the implications of what we’ll be doing or how long we’ll be gone. Chimp and Rosebud are both pretty much clueless, though Chimp does participate sometimes when we practice in other languages.

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3 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Lovin’ this blogging idea. I am looking forward to each update already. How wonderful it will be to see the story unfold and have it all written down to look back on later.

  2. joanna921

    I agree with Barb 🙂 Well done Julie, I really like the format; easy to use and you chose a nice clean layout. I love the kids names-perfect! Looking forward to following along.

  3. julie

    Thanks Joanna. For once, Ted liked the format I used too. 🙂 Of course, the only thing I did was change the picture at the top (which is one he found of Kyrgyzstan), so I can’t take much credit at all. He came up with the name too.

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