The Middle East

No, that’s not where we’re going…that we know of. That is where we are currently staying…MCC’s The Welcoming Place in Akron, PA has four different guest houses that are designed and named after four different continents. We are in the Middle East/Europe house. They are very nicely setup so that our family has three rooms in one wing that we can close off when needed and have some private space.

Today was day one of our training at World Missions Institute, and it was a very good day. We started this morning by hearing about the history and present-day mission of EMM from the president himself, Nelson Okanya. I didn’t know much before about the history and it was quite interesting and inspiring. I also really appreciate how much EMM supports their workers–not only in the expected spiritual ways, but also that all around well-being is so important to them as to be listed as a core value. They have systems in place to help with missionaries’ emotional and mental health as well as their spiritual needs.

This afternoon we had a session discussing Spiritual Formation and Sabbath Rest. We talked about different methods of spiritual formation and how to continue them while on the field, away from the fellowship and community we are accustomed to. We also heard about Sabbath rest and how important it is to truly have some time apart from all the demands of ministry to recharge, refresh, and reflect. Although I knew many of these things before in principal, I learned some new ideas for implementing them and was inspired to work harder to accomplish them as it will become more important as we experience new cultures and other challenging situations.

The kids also did very well today. Although I was called twice to take care of Rosebud, I actually prefer that. I’d hate to think I’m really not that important to her. 🙂  The child care workers clearly care for the children and really respect the parents’ wishes. There are quite a few other kids of similar ages that Daisy and Cub have especially enjoyed getting to know better. Tonight we had a family fun night to get to know each other better and have some fun. Both goals were accomplished exceedingly well.

Ted and I also really enjoyed getting to know the other families here and learning the stories of where they’re going and how they got there. It feels a bit awkward to not be able to say where we’re going yet, but it is encouraging to here about others’ journeys and know we are not alone. The way God has brought each family to this point is awesome, there’s really no other word for it! There are some wonderful families, couples, and people God is sending throughout the world, and we are privileged to have a month to get to know them better.


A quick addendum: in one of the emails I had a chance to skim today was this quote from a book that feels quite true at the moment: 

“Fear camps out right next to whatever it is you’re most called to do. That means the closer you get to your calling, the louder fear sounds.”
~ You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream, Chapter 5

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One thought on “The Middle East

  1. Great to hear your first day report. Sounds like you are off to a wonderful start!!

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