WMI — Week 2 in pictures

If I wait for the time to type everything up in words, it’ll never happen, so here are a few snapshots of from our second week of training:


At church last Sunday. The service was led by the Ka-ren population and they greatly value Father’s Day (and Children’s Day) and so celebrated all the fathers with handmade yarn leis and had something for all the children as well.

It was interesting to experience church as foreigners in a way. Although they interpreted much of the service into English, there were a few things that were not translated.


A fun evening of play: a pick-up game of kickball in the background with Rosebud in the foreground. We have class two evenings a week, but the other evenings are usually filled with outside games and fellowship (weather permitting).
The church at Philippi initially consisted of Lydia (a Jewish businesswoman), a slave girl, and the jailor (Acts 16) — a rather non-homogeneous lot. James Krabill encouraged us to consider why Paul wrote Philippians as he did with this audience in mind.
The kids’ class having fun times in the sprinkler!
Friday afternoon we visited a local mosque to help us understand more about Islam. Many of the families here are going to countries with a high Muslim population and we have spent a good bit of time learning about that faith in the last couple of weeks. I have been surprised by the number of similarities to Christianity, although the differences are still very significant.
More fun times: Friday night we had trivia contest, splitting up into three teams and trying to answer some pretty challenging questions. The bonus question that totally reversed the scores was “Name all the oceans in the world.” 10 points to the first commenter to name them all correctly…no smart phones or other internet browsing (or other reference materials) allowed!  We followed that with a wonderful fire and fellowship outside our house.
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