Guest Post from Daisy

During WMI, one EMM person worked with the older kids on being “third-culture kids” (a mix of two different cultures creating a third, unique culture). I asked Daisy to write about some of the things they did and here is what she shared:

We got blue and yellow play dough one was the new country we are going to and the other is America. Mix them together (go to that country) and its…green! The blue cannot be removed from the yellow dough now, like the culture will stick to you, and you will be a mix of cultures. 

 We made “RAFTS” out of popsicle sticks and sailed them on a river. They represented good byes, or:

  •  Reconciliation (making sure relationships are good)
  • Affirmation (saying thanks,…)
  • Farewells (saying good bye)
  • Think destination (learn about where you are going)

 And we answered some questions about our trip.


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