Global Fair

We went down to Lancaster again this week to go to EMM’s Global Fair. It is a fun presentation from many places around the world. Missionaries that are home on home leave or getting ready to go out all have booths from their respective countries. Some have food, some have activities, some have displays. We enjoyed visiting all the different countries and learning about different customs and cultures, but, probably more so, we enjoyed seeing many of our friends from WMI again! Below is a smattering of fun things we did throughout the day. From the top-left corner, clockwise: Ted and Cub got dressed up in the Christian-Muslim relations tent; Chimp trying on a sombrero in the Latin American area;  family picture with some alpacas (the fair was at the Hans Herr House, so there were some extra stands as part of that); Chimp decorating a mural for the Czech Republic; Daisy, Cub, and Chimp sporting their Guatemalan flag faces; and Daisy and Chimp at the dress-up tent, mixing and matching with abandon.Image


We also got a chance to talk with a few EMM people more about our plans. Although they have been swamped for the past several weeks with summer trainings and retreats and many are going on vacation in the coming weeks, we did connect with someone who will be able to talk with us more this coming week.


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