Guatemala Day 6: Wrapping Up

Wednesday we started the day enjoying the city skyline and seeing the four volcanos near the city. One of the farther ones has actually been sending up some smoke recently.After breakfast, we were able to skype with Amos from EMM. He had been planning to come on the trip with us, but was not able to last minute due to various factors. It was great to share with him the things we had learned and how we felt God leading us through our time here and in the future. We were also able to discuss some of the concerns we had about certain issues that need to be worked out before we return.


We were then on to the airport to begin our 11 hour journey home, during which Rosebud did not sleep at all on the planes except the last ten minutes of the second flight.
We packed so much into the little time we had there, but there was so much more we would have loved to do if we had the time. We are very thankful for all the people and places we were able to visit. It was truly a blessing.IMG_20131002_144205208 IMG_20130927_054151673

The language of Guatemala is Spanish, but the Kekchi people also have their own language, derived from an ancient Mayan language. Most of the Kekchi, especially the younger ones, also speak Spanish. It was encouraging that although Ted and I have been studying Spanish for just short of two months at this point, we could usually understand the gist of most conversations. We even managed to fend for ourselves a few times when making purchases. The Kekchi language is totally different, though it does borrow some words from Spanish that it didn’t have before such as days of the week.

These posts have just captured what we did in Guatemala, but the trip was so much more than this. It was experiencing God’s work and meeting His people. It will take some time to truly process everything we experienced. The Kekchi people are an amazing people who have carved their living out of the hillsides. They face severe opposition to any development or growth in their economic status and are viewed by the non-indigenous people of their country much as our country viewed our own black population less than a century ago.IMG_20130929_170405 IMG_20130929_121015513

We feel very blessed to have had this time to explore the vision and work God has for us. Although very short, this trip was strong confirmation of what God has called us to and has helped us to better understand the call. We are now faced with the challenge of working with EMM and the Kekchi church to put this calling into words as part of our ministry agreement. In our many discussions the last few days, we have already noticed ways that God has been going before us and preparing the way–even in ways that appeared to be drawbacks initially. Our God is good!

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