Guatemala Trip: On the Homefront

Not to be neglected, Daisy, Cub, and Chimp got to spend six days with their grandparents in Lancaster County, PA. Though they did continue to do school, they got in a few field trips as well–to an apple orchard and a science museum–along with multiple trips to the library to keep Daisy in books.  They even found time to make over 30 quarts of applesauce! We are VERY grateful for my parents for not only watching the kids for us, but having such a good time with them.

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Daisy also kept me up-to-date via email with the goings-on in the states, and I did my best to provide her with our activities and pictures likewise. The internet has made a major change for the good in the life and mental health of the missionary!

I am very thankful that we all stayed healthy throughout this trip. Our family faced a not-so-fun stomach bug the week before the trip. It made its way through all but Rosebud and myself and I was concerned we would fall victim while away, but such was not the case! Being able to leave them all healthy made the trip much easier for me. When Chimp spiked a high fever the night before we left, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to go on the trip. But God is faithful and provided health for all, in His time.

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One thought on “Guatemala Trip: On the Homefront

  1. barb0524

    Yes, we had a wonderful time with three wonderful grandkids!! 🙂

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