They make it look so easy

One of the things that everybody we’ve talked to who’s been to Guatemala has told us about is the tortillas, how prevalent the food–and the sound of them being made–is. They are THE FOOD of Guatemala. You are not eating if there are no tortillas present. With that in mind, I was very excited to be invited to watch a Kekchi woman making the tortillas for our lunch on our Sunday visit. And now you can join me:

She makes it look so easy, yes? Well, today I bought some corn flour and gave it a try myself. Let’s just say it’s not as easy as it looks. They were eaten and tasted fairly decent (as decent as you can get without their freshly milled corn and wood fire), but their shape, or lack thereof, left something to be desired. I think we’ll be asking for some lessons on this once we get there. (Oh, and I didn’t use my fingers to test doneness/flip either!)


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One thought on “They make it look so easy

  1. Dale

    Being gluten free I bought a cast iron press to make them – there is still a trick to it.

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