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A Special Story

One of the most special parts of our training last summer was the morning worship time that was spent praying over our children. One of the things that was prayed for our kids was that God could use them as we were discerning where to go. God answered this prayer in a very special way. Although he did not tell us our assignment through our children, he did confirm it through them, in more than one way.

As we talked to Daisy throughout training, she frequently expressed the desire to go somewhere that spoke Spanish. Spanish appealed to me as well since I had some in high school/college, but language obviously wasn’t going to be our determining factor. Even so, the options before us at the time were not remotely Spanish. Once we determined our calling, we saw how God had been faithful to her desires.


Similarly, Cub has had a growing love of soccer over the last several years. Although this is a sport played in many countries around the world, it is an especially favorite sport in almost all Latin American countries, Guatemala not excluded. He was quite excited to find out that there would be no lack of opportunities to play soccer where we are going. 

Daisy was also working on writing a story during training. She started early the first week and finished the second-to-last day. We were not allowed to read it while she was working on it. In the story, she used the names of many of the other people at training: Princess Jada, Duke Sid, etc. except for one part. The story is of our (royal) family needing to hide out for a while to escape attacks on our lives in the castle, so we escaped to the woods. In the woods was a family that took us in and hid us. Their last name was Groff.

When we read the story after the last day of training (the end of the day in which we felt the strong call to Guatemala), we asked Abby how she came up with that name. She couldn’t remember. Wherever she got it, it served as a special confirmation for us. Galen and Phyllis Groff are EMM’s Regional Representatives for Central America and also the missionaries that have been serving with the K’ekchi’ for the last 20 years! This confirmation and answer to the prayer for God to use our children is something that we treasure as we continue our journey. Not only are these all special in and of themselves, but they serve to remind us that this call is not just for Ted or for Ted and I, but for our entire family.

Please consider partnering with us so that our family can begin to fulfill this call in August. You may do so here.

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