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Getting Closer

Last summer and fall I religiously checked the blogs of all our friends from missionary training, wanting to see how they were doing as they prepared and left for their assignments around the world. I was frequently disappointed to find no new posts. But now I understand!! When you are uprooting your family, selling most of what you own and packing the rest up in an impossibly small number of suitcases, and preparing for life in another culture, you can hardly see straight, let alone stop and write down a coherent post about what’s going on.
That’s said, I’m going to attempt to highlight a few things going on with our family at the moment and hope you can make sense out of it.
 – We have tickets!! We got a wonderful deal on tickets and will be leaving at 7AM on August 21.
 – We were able to spend a couple days in early July with Julie’s family before saying good-byes following the commissioning service with EMM. We will be traveling some more this week to spend time with more family.
 – We had a wonderful week of learning and refreshment with other missionaries on home leave at Oasis.
 – We are working to get our student visas for Costa Rica and ran into a problem with the original birth certificates we had, requiring us to quickly get new certificates for all but one family member. (God was good and we already had a recent certificate for the Michigan birth, requiring us to only have to go to nearby NY and PA.) We will be traveling to Washington, D.C. this week to the Costa Rican consulate to finish up the U.S. part of this process.
 – We are procuring luggage and starting to narrow down what will go with us and what will stay/be sold.
 – We have been communicating with our “Big Brother” in Costa Rica who is finding a house for us and making other preparations on that end, as well as answering my onslaught of questions on what things are like there.
 – We went real school shopping for the first time ever to purchase some of the needed supplies for Daisy and Cub in Costa Rica.
 – We discovered that the other family from EMM currently studying at the language school has children the same ages as Daisy and Cub! They have been a great resource to us, and we are looking forward to meeting them soon.
Thank you all for your continued prayers as we navigate this maze and try to stay sane. Please pray for favor with all the authorities and a smooth transition for our family. Also pray that the remaining funds would come in so that we can focus on Spanish learning during our time in Costa Rica.
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Celebrating Our Anniversay

No, not that one; we were married in May.

Today we celebrate the first anniversary of the day God called us to Guatemala and then confirmed that call in several ways.

We look back and remember how God gently led us to the point where we could accept His will with eagerness and not reluctance or fear.

We look at the present and see God’s faithfulness in providing for us as we raise funds and prepare our hearts and house and minds to go.

We look to the future and have faith in God’s continued guidance and that He is preparing the way for us even now.


Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

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