To say goodbye is not to forget


I came across this quote this past week and it really hit me. We have been saying so many goodbyes lately, and they are getting harder and harder. Yes, our goodbyes do mean going away at this time, but it is our prayer they do not mean forgetting. Although we cannot be directly a part of all the lives we were before, we still hope to be able to share in each other’s lives and support each other. We are very thankful for Facebook and email and Skype that allow us to continue to be connected in spite of physical distance. Not only can we share with others about our lives and how God is working in another part of the world, but we can also hear from you all about your lives and how God is working here!

We left our house and home community two days ago and already we have received several emails and notes from friends. This is such an encouragement to us even in this early stage of our travels. We covet your prayers greatly, but hearing from you is just as important to let us know we are not forgotten.

So, maybe we should not say goodbye, but see ya later, knowing that we will still be able to share our lives and with the knowledge that we will see each other again, and that this span of time that we are gone is very short when compared with the eternity we know we will have together.

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