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Our New “Pets”

One thing we didn’t anticipate when we were preparing to leave for the mission field was what new ‘pets’ we might acquire. We have seen many new creatures here in Costa Rica, some of them we have appreciated and invited back, some not so much, and some are their place (which is not inside the house). Here are some we’ve captured on ‘film.’ (Click on any picture to see it larger.)

mothMoth: This large guy was discovered hovering around the light in the boys’ room one evening. By turning various lights on and off, we gradually lured him outside and he spent the night on our back porch. We didn’t mind him in the house, per se, but something that size flitting around in the dark is rather disconcerting.


antsAnts: These tiny ants are ever-present in Costa Rican kitchens and virtually impossible to get rid of. If you drop something sweet on the floor, you are sure to have an entire colony within an hour or so. Sweeping them up is quite a treat–ever watched your dirt pile walk across the floor in front of you?


geckoGecko: This picture is a baby-size gecko I found on the shower curtain one morning. We have a larger one (3″-4″) in our kitchen that shows itself in the evenings–but never hangs around for a picture. We greatly appreciate these guys for helping to keep our insect population under control, though they do make quite a loud chirping noise for such tiny creatures. The first few weeks, we looked around for a bird whenever we heard one.


leaf bugLeaf bug: This picture is an actual Katydid, aka walking leaf. However, walking down the sidewalks we often see many leaves moving across their sidewalks, what looks like on their own. A closer look reveals to them be ants carrying pieces of leaves. During one walk to the park, we followed a trail of them over 25 feet and up a tree. The ants around here quite industrious!


monkeyMonkey: We visited one of Costa Rica’s many beaches (Playa Doña Ana) during a national holiday back in September. These monkeys were very used to getting food from the beach-goers, though we’ve heard that isn’t the case for the monkeys at all the beaches.


birdsBirds: We have enjoyed finding new species of birds here. Many look and/or sound similar to ones we know from the states, but there are many new ones too. Because we leave our doors and windows open the majority of the time when we are home, these two little guys found their way int the house once morning, It took a little encouraging to get them back out again.


I’m sure we will continue to expand our knowledge of the animal kingdom greatly in the coming months.

Our Spanish knowledge is coming along too. Just last night, Chimp was “reading” Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? to me and he read, “Blanco dog, blanco dog, what do you see?…” and “Negro sheep, negro sheep…” I’m pretty sure he didn’t realize he was mixing languages!

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