Doce Mil Palabras

A picture is worth a thousand words, ¿verdad? Therefore, this is a twelve thousand word post!


An early January supper at our home with visiting friends and the Vida220 Guatemala team.


Several little girls who missed Esther at church one Sunday when she was sick.


Friends of ours lost their husband/father last summer. Hermana Patrona demonstrates a waist loom they use to make ‘designer’ huipils (the blouses Kekchi ladies wear) as a source of income.


Ted with the four graduates of his small business class “What’s in Your Hand?” in January.


Ted and Abby visited Tikal in February for Abby’s birthday. They also met some fellow missionary friends from Belize.


Pastor Abelino leads a Bible study in a community.


We picked the kids up from school one day and went to a local river for some wet, cool fun…with crabs!


At the end of March, we enjoyed several days with fellow missionaries around Central America at the annual EMM Retreat. Our days were packed with fellowship, prayer, swimming, worship, learning, sharing, and just being together.


We were also able to spend an afternoon with the O’Connors, a fellow missionary family from Upstate New York who came to Guatemala last year. We’d been trying to make this meeting work for almost four years!


A beautiful garden in San Pablo Chicoc.


In the communities, the children participate in all the activities attached to their mother.


…and this is what keeps me busy most of my days. This little one doesn’t take a break very often!

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6 thoughts on “Doce Mil Palabras

  1. Phyllis Groff

    We enjoy sharing in the joys of life with you all from time to time which warms our hearts.

  2. Susan Kelly

    Love the pics. I guess Luci didn’t get the message about doing most things “attached” to her mom…though imagine she attaches about the time you are ready to get something done. They are all so precious and beautiful.

  3. David Demster

    Thank you for sharing your lives with us. It is obvious that you are exceedingly blessed in so many ways. The pics are remarkable.

  4. L0wville

    Great photos. Glad to see your small business classes, Ted!

  5. Mary Jane Demster

    Hello! Think of you often and pray for you continually. Nice newsletter, Julie! It’s nice to keep up with your family and I love the pics!

  6. Phil Martin

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and stories. Glad to hear you are well, ministering, and being ministered to.

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