Independence Week

Last Saturday, September 15, was Independence Day here in Guatemala. Thus, the kids had several non-academic school days last week. Starting Wednesday, the whole school went to the muni stadium (muni=the town of Chamelco) and played basketball and soccer against other schools from Chamelco. (no pictures 😦 )

Thursday they had a ‘Festival de Comidas Típicas’ (festival of traditional food) at their school where each class sold several different Guatemalan foods and all the kids dressed in ‘traje típico’ (traditional clothing).

Friday was the ‘traída de la antorcha’ where the school went to Cobán (9km/5.5mi from here) and lit their torches from the central torch there and ran it back to Chamelco. This is done by school children throughout the country to symbolize the spreading of the news of the country’s independence from Spain. There is also a large torch run from Guatemala City all the way through Central America to Cartago, Costa Rica to follow the route of the original mail that shared the news with all the freed territory. Jacob got to be one of the original lighters of a torch and Nathan also had the opportunity to carry it for a short distance. Esther started the run with her class, but then fell and ended up in the truck with Ted who was leading the run with speakers of praise music to keep them going. She slept the whole way. 🙂

Saturday was the official ‘desfile’ (parade) here in Chamelco. Ted again was asked to lead the school’s contingent with his truck playing music. Abby, Luci, and I went to watch and enjoyed seeing all the kids in the different traditional clothing and other costumes. (Well, Luci lasted through about 2 schools and then wasn’t interested anymore…we didn’t stay for the whole parade.)

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The kids didn’t have school Monday so we took a spontaneous trip to a local swimming hole for lunch. Tuesday was back to school–just over a month remaining!


And one more freebie picture, because who can resist this cutie?!


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One thought on “Independence Week

  1. Rose

    Aww, thanks so much for posting about the festivities!! Such rousing fun!


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