Cucumber Connections

A few weeks ago, I (Julie) was at the grocery store grabbing a couple things quickly before picking up the kids from school. I was carrying Malakai in a baby carrier on my front. In the process of picking out some cucumbers, a few rolled down onto the floor. As I started to bend over and pick them up, a lady came up behind me and said, “I’ll get those for you.” As I turned to thank her, she continued, “I don’t know why I said that in English.” We continued chatting a bit and I found out she was from Pittsburgh, but has been here over 15 years and has 4 kids. Her husband is Guatemalan. They are missionaries, and one of their activities includes purchasing coffee cherries and processing them and then roasting and selling them locally. We exchanged numbers and the desire to get together soon.

A couple weeks later, I needed to go to the town where they live (about 40 minutes away) for something else and so we arranged to get our families together at the same time. It was a wonderful time of connecting. Not just for connecting with other English speakers, but also for Ted and the husband to talk about coffee and processing and how that can be done here. Definitely a God-thing!

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