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Pilot Project

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Overlooking the village of Muyja with the new coffee plants in the foreground.

As I drove out to the small village of Muyja, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Federico had called me a couple days earlier and said the community would really like to invite me right away. I hadn’t visited this place in about six months and the urgency of the request made me nervous. We had been praying for this village especially since it was a a pilot program for growing coffee. We provided a business loan for this community and I thought they probably wanted to ask for an extension on the loan since the coffee trees would be too young yet to get a good harvest. In the Spring of 2016, we had planted coffee with them and helped them buy the fertilizer they needed.


Alvina showing her coffee trees.

A K’ekchi’ woman named Alvina greeted Federico and me; she was eager to show us the coffee trees. I was amazed to see strong healthy trees with unblemished leaves shimmering in the sunlight. Not only did the trees look healthy, but they were also heavy with fruit. Even though it usually takes about 3 years to get to a full harvest, these trees that were seedlings a year ago were already producing coffee.

I work with Federico in the Red Paz organization. This organization works with several villages in Alta Verapaz each year. In the first year they teach peace and reconciliation from a Biblical standpoint, helping the people in the village learn to work together and resolve conflict. In the second year they teach health and nutrition. In this phase the community works together to grow an organic garden of vegetables that provides nutrients that are often lacking in the local diet. Following the success of accomplishing these together, the community is ready to begin working together in the business of coffee. I believe God called us here to help and encourage the K’ekchi’ people as they try to escape the trap of poverty.

Federico and I returned from our tour of the coffee trees to meet together in the house of Angustia. We sat together on wooden benches on a dirt floor with coffee in hand and waited for the others in the community to arrive. Not only was everyone ready to make the first payment that we all agreed on, but some paid their entire balance!


Ted with Federico, Alvina, and Carlos.

We are planning to present the Global Disciples business training early next year. I received the materials and training myself this summer and I am looking forward to the tremendous impact I’m sure it will make with the people in the villages.

It is encouraging to see people who have felt the weight of oppression for so many years finally able to make a difference in their lives. Their excitement is contagious as we celebrate the literal fruit of our labor. Continue to pray for us as we seek God’s will for the K’ekchi’ people.

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God’s faithfulness in a year of change

We began fundraising a year ago this January. As we look back on 2014 it is amazing that we have come so far and accomplished so many things during those quick 12 months.

It has been an exciting time, seeking partners and meeting many like-minded friends for our mission. We’ve worshipped with many churches in New York and Pennsylvania, sharing how God has called us and how he continues to provide for us. We’ve fellowshipped with many wonderful people at the mission conference in Bell Run and at various events. We’ve rallied together for God’s cause to bring hope and justice to the wonderful K’ekchi’ people in Guatemala.

Saying good-bye

Saying good-bye in August

We’ve also had to say good-bye to a lot of friends and a lot of the things that are dear to our hearts. We remember the tearful good-byes at church, the last Christmas with family and the last picnic and bonfire with friends. We’ve sold our possessions and our house and land, and brought our children to a different land with new people and customs.

We’ve been in Costa Rica now for 5 out of 10 months, learning Spanish and adapting to the culture of Latin America. In a way it feels like we’re in a holding-pattern, in between the excitement of being sent and the compelling work of being on the ground in Guatemala. At times it can be discouraging and uncertain, when our resolve is tested and the mountain of spanish verb conjugations piles up endlessly, or when our children deal with culture change in different ways.

However, we know how important this time is for us as a family. We are growing in ways we didn’t foresee, drawing closer as a family as we draw closer to God. We have learned how to be a witness in our community, even when we are unable to communicate the language. The children have made friends with our neighbors and with the local kids at the park. We shared in the joy of providing Christmas for a nearby orphanage and we spent a number of mornings after the New Year picking up the trash in the playground.

Cleaning up the playground

Cleaning up the playground

At first we didn’t see the need for so much time studying in Costa Rica, we were eager to get on the field as quickly as possible. But we’ve come to appreciate this incubation period, this time for God to work in our hearts and teach us to be humble and patient, allowing Him to work through us instead of trying to rely on our own strength.

We are thrilled that you have joined us on this journey of the past year. We praise God that with your help we have 98.5% of the needed funds for the coming 2.5 years. With $5,000 left to raise, there is still an opportunity for you to join us by donating if you would like to join us in what God is doing among the K’ekchi’ in Guatemala.

Christmas for the orphanage.

Christmas for the orphanage.

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