Thank you for your desire to partner with us on our journey.

There are three ways you can support us:
1. In prayer. Pray for our family–for our health and safety as well as God to work through us as we partner with the K’ekchi people.
2. In fellowship. Stay connected with us as we share our experiences. Continue to communicate with us through available channels.
3. In finances. Give as God leads you to allow us to be on-the-ground in Guatemala developing business ideas with the K’ekchi.

You may either download this form and return it to EMM or use the Give-A-Gift option at the right for charitable giving to EMM indicating your preference that it be used for Ted & Julie Smoker.

You may also submit the online form below to let us know personally of your support or to contact us with any questions that you may have.

God bless you as we work together to build His kingdom.

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