World Missions Institute–a Kid’s Eye View

I really wish I would have thought to take some more pictures of the kids and all the things they did, but fortunately, the teachers for the older class did a very nice job of taking pictures during all the field trips. I was going to ask Daisy if she would do a guest post on this topic, but she is at camp all week, so this post may be updated in the next couple of weeks. Here’s a visual look at some of the fun they had.


Keeping the heat at bay.

PhotoGrid_1373296262361 (1)

Fun in the sun


Visit to a dairy farm.


A couple of balloon-heads and the morning worship time.


An outing to the greens


The whole crew times 3.

I’m so thankful for the wonderful child care they had. They also did some activities with the older kids on being “third-culture kids” and what that means and how to prepare to leave well.

The younger class had 8 kids including Chimp and Rosebud (3 of them under the age of one). They didn’t go on any field trips for obvious reasons, but the 3-4 year olds did get some sprinkler time and park outings several times.

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One thought on “World Missions Institute–a Kid’s Eye View

  1. Kudos to the child care workers for great pictures and lots of great activities for the kids!!

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